Questions To Ask A Product Design Firm Before Hiring Them

Out of the many consumer product design companies to hire, who do you think can help your business get exactly what it needs to succeed? This is not the easiest thing to do, as the design firm can make or break the overall success of the product you are about to launch.

One of the things you can do to ensure that you won’t get disappointed with the service you will receive is to ask questions. The more relevant questions you ask, the closer you can get to hire the best firm to work on your product design.

Do not worry, as companies do not mind questions as long as the questions are related to the service they offer.

Moving on, here are a few questions you can start with:

When can you finish the project?

When can you finish the project? Of course, they need to know the details of the project first before they can provide you with a timetable. But needless to say, after everything has been laid on the table, the firm should be able to provide you with time expectations.

This question is not to rush them with their work, as you have to give them enough time to create a masterpiece for your order but to set your expectations.

You have to stress to the firm how important is the timeline for your business, as a delay on their end can cause a delay in your business planning.

Can I see a few samples of your work?

Asking if they can show you samples of their work is also a good idea. Are you happy with the prototypes they presented? If you were amazed or satisfied, then it means they are good.

You have to let them know that your expectation is the same quality but a different design for your product.

As much as you want to be satisfied with what you can see on their website, you cannot, as you need to see the prototypes in-person to assess whether they are who you are looking for or not.

Can you provide me with references?

If possible, can they provide you with a list of names you can call to ask for feedback? Sometimes, checking the end product is not enough as you also have to know the firm’s professionalism in dealing with their customers.

To set your expectations, not all firms can provide you references for confidentiality reasons, but just in case they do, make sure to take the time to give the references a call.

What if I am not happy with the service I received?

Even if you are currently speaking with the most popular product design company, you must not forget to ask what will happen if you are not satisfied with the result of the work they presented. As much as you want to believe they can, you still need to secure an agreement if the product did not go as planned.